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Decharacterizing the sense of authorship

You know that these speeches in Satsang, have a unique proposal, that  is what we could call, now, in this instant, decharacterization.  Decharacterization of something, that we consider so basic to be experienced. This happens in this decharacterization of the authorship sense. 

We have a strong sense of being the author, that we are in the control. We spend a lifetime without questioning it.  All kinds of speech we hear, the books we read, the conversations we had,  there  are  many ways  to happen, socially speaking,  trying to convince us, day after day. This happens  in the  books, in the dialogues , in the contacts and such things,  that we are lords, responsible for our actions, naturally for our future, guilty for our past, if it was not good or if it is not being generous to us now, in this instant. The common speech is, build, accomplish, do, go there and conquer, you are someone, you can. There are numerous speeches, phrases, all kind of placements  that we have like this. So many placements we hear of this type, evolve, grow, spiritualize yourself, perform your virtues, reach your virtues, ultimately, there are a lot of talks in this direction. 

But, actually what do we have? We have now a characterization that must be seen, it is mischaracterized in a statement about what we are, in a direct investigation. Satsang is this proposal, of this self inquiry, of this state of meditation, that is your natural state and of a Real Surrender to this Presence, to what  in fact we are. What we have to ask ourselves is:  "if we are living or if life is happening." The idea is that we are living and we do not have the slightest notion that life is just happening. 

When you stop and say, "I'm living ', what do you mean by that when you say ,” I'm living?” What do you call, what do you denominate, what do you mean by this, "I`m" living? For example, the body is breathing, but this, is this something that you're doing? The body is breathing, are you doing it? You have just  had lunch, is the digestion happening or not? Or is that you who is doing it ? When you lie down to sleep, is the sleepiness that catches you or is that you who falls asleep? When people say, I fell asleep, what do we mean by, "I fell asleep"? Is that you who grabbed the sleepiness? In the morning, when you find yourself already woken up,  out of sleep, was it you who came out from sleep or is the sleep over? 

Get it? Where are you on it? Where are you in the breath? Are you responsible for the breathing? Are you? By  the digestion? Falling asleep? Exiting sleepness?  When you move your arm like this, are you responsible for that? Is that enough just a decision? Just an idea to determine  this  event?  Is it like that? Help me! I just have the idea, I'll get up and walk? Is that how it works? Just that? Does an idea make it happen? Oh, of course not!

You are healthy, is this your decision? Yes or no? No! You forgot the key, there in your work and came home without the key, is that true? Was that you who forgot the key? Did you take that decision? Do you decide? What do you decide? Where are you? I'm wondering where are you in the simple actions, day by day, it is not in the special tasks, I mean in the simple actions. Do you notice  that we are not even in the simple actions? How does someone says: I  realized, I won? A guy won a  fortune, became a millionaire, is this true? Can you decide to become a millionaire? And what about this decision that is only a wish, necessarily is fulfilled, Is this because was there  a decision? Can´t we realize that there are many factors involved, for a simple action to happen? This simple action, such as raising the arm, moving the arm or standing, walking, or any other. In this  simple action, there is so much involved in it, how can you locate an element called "I" in it? 

There's no "I"! Get it? What is the next thought that you will have? You can determine this? Or also the thought just happens,? Isn´t it? So, where are you? Where are you in the decision? Is a decision yours? Or is that a thought that comes, lodges, and knocks, knocks, knocks, knocks, keeps knocking . See what we mean? 

When you have this clear, this mischaracterization, this thing that was put there as an idea, because it is only an idea, the idea of being the author, to be in control of doing the things. When there is such mischaracterization, when there is the  end of this idea, so realize how simple it is, as someone said here, now the morning, even  intellectually we can notice this. Can´t we? Even to realize intellectually that you do not exist? Your body is there breathing, the heart is beating, the digestion happening, the desire to go to the bathroom, assimilation, expression, the sleep, everything, everything, and you are not present. 

This  bothers us at first, because it takes from us this responsibility, but  exactly this is the thing, to be without liability, realizing that you do not exist! It is very stupid to get bored with it because it is liberating, it takes a huge burden from  you. Isn´t it true? Isn´t it so? That´s it! Now that´s it! Now you have a  heart to look at life without the idea of someone making it happen. It's when you stop saying "my life",it  is when you stop blaming others for their lives, because everything happens simply because it happens. And there is only one author, the only one who is held responsible and it is not you. So, it takes away from  you a huge weight. 

Ramana said; you enter in the train, and forgetting that it is the train that carries you and your luggage, you stay with it on the shoulders. Take your luggage away and put it in the trunk, and remember:  it is the train that takes you, takes you and your luggage. It's when you have this opportunity to rest, to look at life happening, it is when you have the opportunity to celebrate the life, to have only gratitude, bowing in front of the existence. 

This does not require you to be humble, it requires you to recognize that the Truth is simple. And this recognition in itself is an action of this same Divine Presence. So you start to work it in yourself  to let  in the right hands the right job. You're a dentist, the other is a mechanical. The mechanical surrenders to the dentist for the dentist to take care of his teeth. You're a dentist who surrenders to the mechanic, or deliver your car to him, for him to take care of your car, you are in the right hands. Because  if one tries to do the other's work, as it is impossible to happen,  you can not get anything right. So are we in this idea  of carrying the  life, you can not carry life, because if you carry the life, what are you doing? Who is doing what? Where are you in this? What is its the result? 

An identification with a story. A history with  the sense of someone. We're stuck to this characterization, that is just a characterization. It is the idea of a character, and that's how they call the characters were characterized, they are just characters, they have clothes, a style, an action model, of actions of a character, and this is not real, it is not real, this is the model of action, that I call my life. 

Now look at this so called my life, life is still going on, but the idea of my life, inside the life, is the idea of separation, is the idea of the control, is the idea of manipulation, is the idea of an author . The result of this is stress, anxiety, guilt, fear, remorse, all these names we have given to these mental states, in this identification with a sense of an author, a lord, a controller and a responsible. Isn´t  it? 

But if you rest as the wises from Zen, they say, in Zen, there, the one who is woken up, says: When you are thirsty, drink water .When you are sleepy, sleep. When you feel cold, take a shelter. When you feel hot, remove the coat. So when you just respect this, in a direct form. When you stay  just with this, life shows itself , in a very generous way, because there is no more sense of separation within life, classifying, naming, separating, splitting, adjusting or trying to adjust something. 

All that can be done is already being done, and all that is going to happen, will happen. There is nothing that an idea that you have there, can do something to change it, nothing. This mechanism, this body that appears in the mirror every morning , that you give a bath, give food, give bed to sleep. This body has a schedule that will obey precisely this schedule. It is something precise, accurate, mischaracterization, clearly being  seen. It puts you completely free of any responsibility of authorship. 

Your only freedom here is the freedom to see that Life is what it is. Do you understand that? What is it to be free from  the sense of me, from the “I” ,from  the person, from the ego, as we want to call it, it is simply to see a fact in front of yourself there, in front of the eyes, you're facing  a fact, of something you cannot deny. Thoughts come and go, the programming of the body is already there, the life is happening, and you simply resting in your heart, in your Real Life. 

In this living is revealed  Peace, Silence, Freedom. You can now, here, facing this, have the same essence of the whole thing. You can even be facing one only Reality, which remains as the foundation of everything, then there is no separation. It is a complete disidentification with the history of the body, with its programming, it is a complete disidentification with any mental history, all of it based on a memory connected to that body. And there, there is the Freedom, and there , there is the Peace, Silence, the Truth, and the Divine Love. 

The Divine Love is the sole author of all. I'm saying that behind every experience, also prior to each experiment, and within each experiment, and when I say, every experience I say all experience, in this  One Truth, all we have is this Divine Loving Presence that does everything. When I use the word loving here, it is clear that here it does not enter the sentimental sense, in the sense of the so-called love that we know, love mixed with satisfaction, pleasure, desires, concepts about  what it is and what it is not , about what is right or wrong. Because the word love or loving, is in a completely new direction, in the sense of that all is this Divine Will, complete, perfect. That is what we can call mischaracterization of illusion, we can call this mischaracterize what really took that character of truth, which is in fact an illusion being shown, being seen and being unmasked. It is basically this. 

You are here today, this afternoon, right now, at this moment, more than to hear, you are here to make sure, that there is only this Presence that is all. And it is liberating. To recognize yourself, is to recognize your own  freedom. So simple, so simple, there is nowhere, nowhere there, outside, no work to do there outside, there's nothing to see outside, no author there outside. You are this reality, in which everything happens. 

Then your life, which is this single life is happening now, with deep gratitude. Because you know, you feel it,  it is clear to you there, in your Real Nature, that everything is in its place. So there is no more conflict, no more fear, no more any idea about what it should be, of what it might have been.  That's it!

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