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Satsang - Consciousness does not forget itself

The fact is that you are always in this place, the place of totality, of completeness, where there is no shortage, where there is nothing missing, no need, where each event happens as a precise answer to that moment, to that instant. I could call this meeting, this speech, “omniscience”. The word “consciousness” means being conscious. Consciousness in this place, in this space that is consciousness, is understanding. The mind doubts, Consciousness is being conscious.

How can this Consciousness forget about itself? The expression of this separate identity, the illusion, the ignorance, how can this be possible in Consciousness? The fact is it cannot. Consciousness is always conscious. Consciousness doesn’t stop being aware of itself. It is omniscient. How can ignorance, illusion, the sense of separateness, the sense of a separate identity appears in Consciousness, if it is omniscient? I want to repeat it: it only appears seeming to be there. But there is no such a thing as illusion, there is no such a thing as ignorance, there is no such a thing as separation. And all the suffering involved in it, it just seems to be.

It doesn´t seem to be for Consciousness. It seems to be for the mind. For the mind it seems to be. For Consciousness it appears only in the Being. Consciousness is always aware of its own Being. It’s the Being aware of Being, Consciousness aware of itself. More precisely, Consciousness is what it is. In India they don’t call it ignorance, this sense of separateness, all suffering implicated in it. In India they call it the "illusion of ignorance". It is the illusion of ignorance.

The investigation of this illusion happens in the mind, and the mind is the illusion itself. Here is the whole thing: How can the illusion investigate the illusion? How can the mind as an illusion see itself? The whole work is always of Grace, always of Consciousness. It makes no sense, it’s completely senseless. But that´s what it is all about: no joke needs to make sense to be funny. The game is already funny, because it is a game.
This finding of what is not lost, the end of the illusion that has never existed, Consciousness, showing up as conscious without never have being unconscious, this is the game that makes no sense. Interestingly, in mind, this joke is not seen as a joke, because in the mind this state of game is the state of misery, conflict, pain, suffering ... But the mind, it is a joke. Do you want to ask me anything about this?

Participant – Is it the joke or the toy?

It is the toy and the joke. Only Consciousness simultaneously is what plays, is the joke and is the toy. The mind can only play the role of the toy and the game. The Mind here is the process, the progress of the dream. The dream of ignorance. The dream of this illusion, the illusion of ignorance. The toy is phenomenal. The entire phenomenal manifestation is the toy, and the mind is the joke. But the toy is still the mind, and what plays is the omniscience of Consciousness, it plays hiding itself in the mind, and then it reveals itself as That where mind appears. Where it seems to appear and disappear.

Not to be confused with any phenomenon, with no experience, with any mental process, that is the mind, it is the Consciousness conscious of the Being. It is the Being aware of the Being, Consciousness is aware of itself. I want to repeat it: it has never failed to be aware of itself, it just seems to have forgotten that. This is the joke, that´s why it's funny.

Participant - I do not know if I laugh or if I cry ... (laughing)

Laughing or crying is the game itself. Awakening is to be fully aware in this dream, conscious it's a dream. It is to be in the play knowing that you are the one who plays, the game and the toy, without separation. Smiles and tears, pleasure and pain, gaining and losing, arriving and leaving, being born and dying, this and that. Mind, body and world, the heart of this experience, of this experimentation, now present. Being here is omniscience. Being here is liberation. Being here is happiness. Being here is peace, it is love.

This is not only omniscient, this is all the power. It is the sole author of all the deeds, of all actions, it is the only one that happens and does not happen, makes happen and unmake, this is not only omniscient, omnipotent. It is the only power, that involves, everywhere and nowhere, permeates, makes feasible, possible, every experience happening.

There is nothing going on outside this happening, other than This that moves everything. That is what makes your eyes blink, makes your heart beat, makes the air going in and out. That's what builds and this is what destroys. The mind is concerned, the arrogance of the sense of separateness, it has created the illusion of being the author and the maintainer, and the destroyer. Just the “me” believes. The illusion of this false identity believes to be in the control. Notice the concern that we have in this illusion that we have some power, the power of creating, of maintaining and destroying.

The world is not your problem, the planet is not your problem, this body that is what you have of the most intimate, that is the closest of your own is still not your problem, simply because you do not exist in this body. It is this body that exists in you, it is this world that exists in you, it is this planet that exists in you. It is this universe that exists in you. In your real nature you are omniscient, you are omnipotent. It is not you who is in the world, it is the world that is in you.

The body appears and disappears, the world appears and disappears, the planet appears and disappears. Everything that appeared one day will disappear. Everything that comes and goes, everything that appears and disappears, everything is within this process of transformation, of change within this omnipotence, within this Consciousness, this omniscience.

This omniscience and omnipotence that is always present, beyond time and space, your Real Nature is omnipresent. It is in this omnipresence that time and space appears in the mind. These different names pointing to this Unique Presence, for this unique and indescribable unlimited Consciousness. This is the Truth about you. This is the Truth about everything.

To conclude, I would say that everything that exists is Consciousness. And Consciousness is all there is. Consciousness is. And what is is Consciousness. That's it. Namaste.

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